Saturday, April 14, 2012

My New Obsession...Thrifting

Ok, so I have always loved garage sales, etc. However, it is relatively new find to go to Thrift stores. I have for many years, periodically, gone to resale shops for kids stuff, clothes, and whatever else I can find, mainly books. However, once I discovered the larger thrift stores, I love going. I still like to hit resale and garage sales too. My kids like to go to garage sales with me as well!!

Some of my favorite finds from last season's garage sales are a tin of vintage travel stickers, it is really cool and I will hope to use it in scrapbooking or crafting and it was only like fifty cents! My boys were also happy as I found them a big container full of pokemon cards!! I also found a really nice cast iron skillet, Jay scrubbed it up and seasoned it and we have used it repeatedly. The kids loved that it is from Cracker Barrel and has their logo on the bottom, we go there when we are on a driving trip, so the kids associate fond memories with Cracker Barrel. The kids love the cast iron "corn sticks" pan I got too, it makes the best corn bread sticks (shaped like corn). The entire family wants me to get a couple more so we can make more than 7 sticks at a time. I also found some cute painted spoons that I put in my kitchen on the wall.

What do I buy every time I garage sale or thrift shop? Books! I have a book fetish anyway, but I just can't resist books for such bargain prices.

This weekend I went shopping with my girlfriend. We had a good time and found some good deals. I bought a pair of gap pants, an Abercrombe and Fitch t-shirt, a Hollister t-shirt, a gap skirt and a really cute sun dress, plus a couple of other cute t-shirts for my daughter. I got a black tank top, a couple of really cute t-shirts, a really cute old navy ruffled shirt with a cute faux collar, a nice patterned shirt that is a bit dressier than a T-shirt, a White House, Black Market sequined tank (this was marked $15.99 and I got it half off for $8...I looked online and it was probably about $50 new if not more), a pink print tank which the fabric is layers of sort of sheer fabric, plus I got a cute pair of shoes, a black washable "American Tourister" purse great for travel that had a Samsonite toiletry bag with it, a gold lame little zipper pouch to go in my purse (this was brand new for $.99), several books. Total spent was $55.93 All in all 17 pieces of clothing, a pair of shoes, purse, toiletry bag, zipper pouch for a purse, 7 books. Not bad!!

My friend made some scores too. You can't really go in looking for something specific but I do have an ongoing list of things I would love to find used!! It's the hunt that is so fun!!