Thursday, February 15, 2007

Dinner Conversation

Tonight we had an interesting dinner conversation. We were once again discussing where our food comes from. An article I read today on David Gumpert's website about factory farming and the many different problems it causes prompted the discussion. Our family began learning about the issues with our national food supply several years ago and have been on a mission to learn more ever since. We are very much involved in the local food movement and really enjoy all the wonderful knowledge, friendships and community we have found around our food.

We talked about the hamburgers we were eating tonight and how yummy they were. Pasture-raised local ground beef (which is very lean since the cows graze in the pature and get plenty of exercise--so lean we ask the processor to add fat back in so that it isn't too dry when you cook it.) mixed with onion, Penzey's Beef Roast seasoning, a few organic bread crumbs, a free-range, organic farm fresh egg, some sea salt and black pepper. We eat the burgers without a bun (sometimes we make homemade buns, but not tonight). We also had roasted Butternut squash with pure Michigan Maple Syrup!! It was Yum!!! To drink we made strawberry and banana smoothies with homemade Kefir and a bit of maple syrup to sweeten it. It was a delicious dinner and we were talking about how much work goes into raising the cattle so that our hamburgers taste so good. The kids know the names of our farmers, so Jeremy was really interested in what Farmer Les Roggenbuck has to do to take care of the cows so that we get yummy, healthy meat. It is fun to have the kids involved in our food. Now if bed time was as much fun, life would be nearly perfect!!!

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