Monday, June 16, 2008

One Local Michigan Summer

My friend Julie who owns La Vida Local has a great blog!! Another member of her group and blog, Mandi, posted about a challenge on another site called One Local Summer. The challenge requires you to cook one meal a week (at a minimum) from all local food. If I understand it right, you can exempt oil, spices and salt. That challenge closed to new members a while back, but Mandi teamed up with Julie to do a One Local Michigan Summer!!

This is right up my alley and will force me to be creative and more local. I already do A LOT of local foods, but never really thought about every little ingredient. I have done pretty well the first two weeks of the challenge, but it was harder than I thought to be totally local. It will get easier as summer goes on, when more goodies are available.

I love reading (and seeing) what other make too, it gives me really good ideas and also new items to find and try!!

You can read about the MI challenge rules here and sign up too.

You can see my meals (and other mouthwatering entries) on this site too. I made a salad earlier in the week that was terrific and Father's day we had a breakfast/brunch with my family and I posted on La Vida Local Online Blog about it.

You can also find a link to the original challenge and check out what others around the country are eating in their local area.

Good Luck and Have Great Local Eats!!

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eco 'burban mom said...

Great! What fun, another local blogger! There's not too many of us around here, most of my blog pals originate from the west coast, where green is so common, so I am thrilled to have a local blogger around! Thanks for being part of the challenge! - Mandi