Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Yummy Local Meals

As part of the One Great Michigan Summer challenge (see previous post), I have been more conscious about meal planning. Today I had two fried eggs with toast. I cooked local, organic, free-range eggs in Calder's butter and cracked some black pepper over them. I had a slice of homemade honey whole wheat bread slathered with Caulder's butter to dip in the beautiful, yellow yolks. I make the bread with flour from Westwind Mill in Argentine, local honey, local milk and local eggs. It also has some salt, yeast, water and a bit of wheat gluten added. It is very good and I make it in the bread machine (which is so easy). I love to make bread by hand and frequently do, but sometimes just for ease and time savings, we use the bread machine.

For lunch I packed a lunch in one of our Laptop Lunchboxes to take to my Healthy Traditions Network Leadership Team meeting. I had a salad with local greens, sausage from Oliver's Dairy Farm, Spiced Gouda Cheese from Grassfield's and dried cherries from Northstar Organics. I had homemade ranch dressing on the salad (in the small container next to the salad). I also had a Peanut Butter and Honey sandwich made on my homemade Honey Whole Wheat Bread with Naturally Nutty Natural Peanut Butter (a local company that adds flax seed and hemp seed and it is all organic) on top of the PB I put a bit of local raw honey. I also had some chunked up salami and spiced gouda on the side and some homemade Kim Chi (Korean Sauerkraut). I had some local strawberries from Maple Creek Farm as dessert. I took a bottle of water and some homemade Kombucha to drink and boy was it a filling and wonderful lunch on the go!!
The pictures don't do the food justice. I need to learn to take better food pictures!! I'll work on it.

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eco 'burban mom said...

Love those laptop boxes... I just wonder if my 4 boys would lose all the parts and pieces. They are famous for throwing out ice packs, containers and drink cups into the trash at school! I wonder, the youngest might still be trainable... The middle school aged ones are almost a lost cause I think!